Annual Wellness Checks for Pets

senior-cat-boarding-burnaby-best-facility-vancouver-spaciousBiannual checks are recommended for cats and dogs greater than 8 years of age. (contact us for senior designations of birds, small pets and lizards).

During these visits, you and your pet will meet with your vet to:

1. Assess your pet's health and talk about any changes you have noticed since their last wellness exam. Your vet will also follow up with you about previously noted health issues or concerns from your pet's chart. Please take a moment to print out the senior health check form from our website. We use this to help us collect information from your in the days before you come for the appointment.

2. Complete a "nose to tail" physical exam of your pet to:

3. Examine your pet for signs of parasites e.g. fleas, heartworm, and intestinal worms

4. Determine your pet's Body Condition Score and a Nutritional Assessment. Based on these results your vet may make dietary and activity recommendations to improve your pet's current health and increase your pet's lifespan.

5. Collect blood, urine and fecal (stool) samples to determine your pet's health "on the inside." Blood and urine measures enable to understand how well your pet's body is working. This informs our care and treatment plans.

6. Talk with you about your pet's vaccinations and vaccinate as appropriate for age and lifestyle.

7. Ask you for your input and to encourage you to ask questions throughout the exam. Some people find it easier if they write their questions down before they come to the appointment. We are here to answer any questions that you have about your pet's diet, health and behaviour. We can also provide you with take-home information that you can read at your leisure.

8. For pet owners reluctant to vaccinate, we can provide you with information about antibody testing for specific viral infections as well as discussing what these test can and cannot tell us.

We ask that you take a moment before your visit to download a Health and Wellness Information form to fill out and bring to your pet's appointment.

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