Our policy for recommending vaccinations for all ages of pet

We recommend vaccinating your pets against infectious agents that cause a significant disease risk for your pet. From our perspective as health care professionals and pet owners, we compiled these guidelines for when to vaccinate: 

  1. Why we at Care Pet Wellness feel vaccinations are important. Vaccinate each animal only against infectious agents to which it has a realistic risk of exposure. An example of this is heartworm. This risk for developing heartworm in Vancouver, or the lower mainland is very low, almost non-existant. Therefore unless you and your pet are travelling to the Okanogan area or eastern Canada, where heartworm risk is higher, we do not highly recommend this vaccination.
  2. Vaccinate against infectious agents that cause significant disease
  3. Vaccinate an animal only when the potential benefits outweigh the potential risks. Pets with compromised immune systems, e.g. those receiving chemotherapy, are not good candidates for vaccinations.
  4. Vaccinate each animal no more frequently than necessary

We recognize that the decision to vaccinate is a personal choice and that each pet owner gets to make their own decision. If you have questions about whether vaccinations are right for your pet, then please contact us so that we can talk about your options.

More information on vaccinations in animals is available through these websites.

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