Successful Weight Loss in Pets

Look at Angus NOW, weighing in at 11.00kg   YAHOO!!!

Angus's weight loss

We are so proud of this kitty. He is down 1.36 kg (3.0 lbs) overall, which translates to 11% of his body weight!
In the interest of keeping it real, that is an 18.7 lb loss for a 170lb human.

What does that much weight look like?

The next time you go to your grocery store, stop for a moment and look at the butter case.

3-pounds-of-butterCount out three pounds of butter - that is the amount of fat that Angus has lost. Feel the weight of it. I can only imagine that this Angus's heart, lungs, and other vital organs are working so much better wihout having to carry around all that extra sludge.

Keep it up Angus!


Angus's Weight Loss, by the numbers
Date Loss (kg)
Start Weight 12.4 kg 0
Jan 14 11.99kg 0.4
 Feb 4
 11.4  1.0
 Feb 25
 11.00 1.4

Angus's Changing Shape with
Weight Loss

Jan 1 Jan 14 Feb 4 Feb 25
angus-cat-weight-loss-overweight-jan1 angus-cat-weight-loss-overweight-jan14 angusfeb4sm angusfeb25b




 Angus was eventually adopted and they have continued his weight loss program. We are looking forward to seeing him when he comes in for his annual check up!

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