Successful Weight Loss in Pets

angus loses weight at Care Pet Wellness Burnaby New WestminsterDo you recognize this cat?

It's Angus! Doesn't he look amazing? In just 3 short weeks Angus has lost 1KG!  (Thats equal to 2 1/2 pounds of butter). He has lost 8% of his original weight, which translates to a 13lb loss for an average 170 lb male human! He is turning into a really trim kitty!

Changes We've Seen in Angus?

When Angus arrived, there was only one word to describe him - lethargic. He simply did not move much at all. We're so happy to see him now - he has more energy than when he arrived and is moving around so much more easily. And because moving is easier he is playing more. His current favourite toy is the laser chase (it's our fav too!). When he's tuckered out, he spends time relaxing in the kitty hotel, listening to the sound of songbirds. Now that's the life isn't it!



Angus's Weight Loss

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