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Pet Foods - Information from Manufacturers

You'll find more information about pet foods from the people that make them. Just remember that a pet food manufacturer is trying to sell you on their food.

General Nutrition

www.veterinarypartner.com for general nutrition for dogs and cats. Also includes excellent feeding advice for many other species.

www.hillspet.com for general nutrition questions

www.thepetcenter.com for general nutrition question

Comparing Prescription Diet to Other Pet Foods

www.vet.ohio-state.edu/nssvet for a good chart comparing prescription diets from several different companies

Personalized Pet Food

www.petdiets.com OR www.balanceit.com - for a veterinary nutritionist to formulate a special diet for your pet. Note there are fees involved – but if your pet eats a diet that is 100% homemade, this is your best option to ensure it is nutritionally complete

Pet Food Recalls

 www.avma.org/aa/petfoodrecall - for a complete list of all recalled foods – this was a popular site during the ‘melamine’ crisis

Indoor Cat Enrichment Ideas

www.indoorcat.org - for many wonderful ideas about enriching the lives of indoor cats

Dental Care for Pets

www.vohc.org - for detailed dental homecare information

Oral and Topical Treatments