House Call Services - Affordable and Accomodating

Care Pet Wellness Group provides house calls to pet owners in North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and West End of Vancouver

 Veterinary House Call Services

House calls are great options for pets needing in-home veterinary care. They work well for pets with mobility problems, senior pets, anxious pets or pet owners that cannot bring their pet to the hospital. Our veterinarians at the Burnaby New Westminster Animal Hospital, Highlands Animal Hospital and West End Veterinary Clinic are available for Pet House Calls.

Book a House Call for Regular Wellness Checks

house call for a dogArrange for your pet's health care to take place in the comfort of your home. Contact us by phone and our receptionists will be happy to book a House Call appointment. In House Calls, one of our vets to comes to your location, at your convenience. We bring all the necessary equipment and can perform all of the regular wellness visits during a House Call.


Book a House Call for Health Emergencies

When your pet needs emergency care, please call your nearest Care Pet Wellness location. Identify that this is a urgent request and explaind your pet's treating cats in house callssituation. During regular hours we can often respond with a house call within an hour.

We bring all the necessary equipment and can perform all of the regular wellness visits during a house call.


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Book a House Call for End of Life Care

When your pet is at the end of their life and you have chosen euthanasia for them, a house call can make this process much easier for everyone. Your pet can be surrounded by their loved ones during euthanasia and this often helps everyone, - pets and humans - to be calm and comforted during this process. We can take care of all the details for you, and are here to help through your loss and grief.

More information about Pet Euthanasia

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