Understanding what your cat is saying

We know that (most) cats don't talk (some people swear that they do!) and so they use every means possible to communicate. Vocal expressions, rubbing up against you, ear positions and even their tails. It's their version of instant messaging. What can a cat's tail tell you?

This is an often overlooked feature of cats. Dr. Brad Gilbert, veterinarian at Burnaby New West Animal Hospital, suggests that you can learn a lot about a cat just by watching their tail. The tail lets you know their mood - happy, sad, willing to be loved, frightened and so on. 

Learning to understand their instant messaging can mean the difference between having a loving friend and getting scratched. I think this graphic "says it all!"  Whether you are learning what a new cat is saying or trying to understand a kitten, it's important to know what their tail is saying!


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