The First Six Months of Puppy Visits

What to Expectpuppy resting

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting and joyful time with lots to do and lots to learn.  We hope to help you in maximizing the fun and minimizing the frustration with the following information, paving the way for a healthy, happy lifetime together!  This chart summarizes the treatments your puppy will need over the first 6 months and suggested topics for discussion at each visit.
We look forward to seeing you and your puppy growing together!
 (R=recommended during this visit)
    First Visit Second Visit Third Visit Fourth Visit
    6-8 weeks 8-10 weeks 12-14 weeks 16-18 weeks
   Complete Physical Exam R R R R
Immunizations  Distemper R R R R
   Bordetella   R    
   Leptospira     R  
   Rabies Vaccine       R
Parasite Treatment/Prevention  Fecal Exam for Internal Parasites R     R
   Deworm R R R R
   Parasite Prevention Products Available   R R  
Discussion Topics  Nutritional Counseling R     R
   Dental Care R R R R
   Is Pet Insurance for you? R      
   Are there any behavior problems? R   R  
   Tips for grooming your pet   R    
   Q&A on Breed Specific Genetic Problems R     R
   What are the differences between OVH/OVE/Neuters?       R
   Importance of Pre-anaesthetic Blood Testing     R  
   Permanent ID options (microchip)       R
   Recommended Surgical Proedures       R
   Regular Wellness Visits       R
Other Procedures  Blood Sample Needed for Pre Anaesthestic Testing       R

Oral and Topical Treatments