Pet Wellness Checks

Pet wellness checks are when your veterinarian sees your pet to check their overall health and wellness. We recommend these checks on a yearly basis so that we can catch a health problem before it becomes a serious illness. Since your pet cannot vocalize his feelings, you must rely on regular physical examinations by a veterinarian and your at-home observations to assess your pet’s health.

Getting to Know Your Pet

Your pet's daily habits will tell the veterinarian so much about their health and wellness. We prepared some easy-to-use health history forms to help us to know and understand your pet. You can download and print the relevant health history form here.  Do include behaviour and activities that are normal, and any behaviours that aren't normal for your pet. After all, you know them best! The health history form will also ask about pet’s daily intake, including diet and how much water he drinks daily. If possible, measure how much your pet is fed before coming in.

What Happens in a Wellness Exam?

During the wellness exam your veterinarian will look, feel and listen to your pet. They will observe your pet to see if they have any behaviours that might indicate illness or disease. Your veterinarian may also wish to perform diagnostic tests, including blood tests and/or x-rays, to evaluate your pet’s health.  Routine blood testing, urinalysis (urine testing) and other tests are recommended for all pets in their “senior years.” Your veterinarian may recommend routine blood testing and urinalysis for younger pets to establish baseline values, which can be used for comparison as pets age. 

How Often Do Pets Need a Wellness Check?

Every year for a dog or cat is equivalent to five to seven human years, so it is important that your pet receives a wellness exam at least every year, and more often when he enters his senior years. Many aspects of your pet’s health can change in a short amount of time, so make sure your pet does not miss even one exam! 

Similar to people, pets need to visit the veterinarian more often as they get older in order to prevent and treat illnesses that come with age. The AAHA recommends that healthy dogs and cats visit the veterinarian once a year for a complete exam and laboratory testing.

Healthy senior dogs and cats should receive a wellness exam and lab testing every six months. Depending on your pet’s age and health, your veterinarian will suggest an appropriate physical examination schedule to help keep your pet in tip-top shape. 

Booking a wellness check for your pet each year will help them stay healthy longer, and save care costs over their lifetime. Call us to book your pet's wellness check now.

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