What can ultrasound tell us about Pets

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Ultrasound uses radio waves to create an image of soft tissues inside your pet. Most of us are familiar with the use of ultrasound imaging for looking at a baby in the mother's womb.

Advantages of Pet Ultrasounds

Ultrasound is a noninvasive way to view inside your animal - giving us a window to evaluate what might be happening in side of them.


With ultrasound we can:

  • Evaluate the heart, looking at heart wall thickness, valve function, contractility and blood flow. pet ultrasound burnaby vancouver new westminster
  • In the abdomen, ultrasound is used to evaluate organ size, shape as well as the internal architecture - all without surgery!
  • Ultrasound also helps to guide us when we are performing fine needle aspirates or biopsies of abnormal tissues.This helps keeps the needles in the correct position and to know that we are gaining a sample from the correct tissue. It also helps to identify abnormal fluid accumulations and to sample them safely, without compromising other tissues in the area.
  • Amazingly we also use it to help collect urine samples directly from bladder when we need a sterile sample, or from animals where unine sampling can be a challenge (cats and other small bladder critters).

What Can I Expect for My Pet

pet ultrasound health burnaby vancouver new westminterYour pet may need to be anesthetised for this procedure if they have a hard time sitting quietly. The anesthesia is short acting and your pet will be able to go home with you later in the day.

If we are obtaining a sterile urine sample, we can often complete this procedure without anesthesia - it depends on the pet.


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