To Burnaby New Westminster Animal Hospital Staff
I wanted to thank you for all the support in getting our newest family member taken care of. Every person involved in the health care of Bella has been outstanding; many of you I have not met but judging all I have seen thus far, your client care is by far the best I have ever encountered.

All of the pet friends I have had from the first to the latest addition have needed professional care at some point in their lives and I must say, yours at Burnaby New West Veterinary Hospital has been outstanding!

From the examiniations to surgery to all the paperwork involved, yours has been the most detailed, up-to-date and efficient I have ever encountered. All of you have reason to be proud of your skills of communication and medical procedures and I have no doubt yours it he best BC has to offer, and that is saying something!
Than you so much for your caring and loving attnetion bestoed so willingly on our little girl Bella.
Kindest regards
Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt