Dietary Advice for Healthy Kittens and Cats

Feeding Advice

Learn how to feed your kitten so that they grow into a strong healthy cat! This means following some common sense rules and remembering what cats like, and what they don't like.

1. Feed your new kitten the same food his breeder fed him for the first week or minimize stomach upsets. A kitten that is not eating well should always be offered other choices. Canned food may be more attractive than dry.

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Diets for Healthy Puppies and Dogs

Feeding Advice to For Healthy Puppies and Dogs

Start healthy feeding habits as soon as your puppy arrives! Excellent nutrition will influence your puppy’s health status, development, appearance and attitude. How you feed your puppy will also influence many behaviour aspects, from house training to begging. It is very important to prevent your puppy from gaining too much weight, which can predispose it to obesity and its associated health problems later in life. The following tips will get you off to a good start.

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Understanding Pet Food Labels

What is a Pet Food Label is Really Tellling You

What does all that information on the pet food label mean?  We have defined the common terms used on pet labels and hope that by reading this, you will have an easier time buying healthy food for your pet.

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