Pet Health History Forms

Help Us to Understand Your Pet's Health

We want to know as much as possible about your pet and their daily routines - eating, drinking and pooping.

To help gather the information the veterinarian will need, we provide these pet health history forms. Click on the form for your pet, download and print it. If you can print and start filling out the form a few days before an appointment, it gives the vet a balanced view of your pet. Even if you fill it out as you are sitting in the waiting room, it still helps.

For birds

For cats

For dogs

For pocket pets

For rabbits and guinea pigs

For reptiles

For senior pets

For Dermatology Appointments


What are Pet Wellness Checks?

Pet wellness checks are when your veterinarian sees your pet to check their overall health and wellness. We recommend these checks on a yearly basis so that we can catch a health problem before it becomes a serious illness. Since your pet cannot vocalize his feelings, you must rely on regular physical examinations (pet wellness exams) by a veterinarian and your at-home observations to assess your pet’s health.

During the wellness exam your veterinarian...

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Adult Pet Wellness Checks

We recommend annual exams for adult pets.

Remembering that 1 year in our life is equal to many years of a pet's life, this would be the same as your going to the doctor once every 5 or so years. It makes more sense when I think about it like that!

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