Pet Indentification - Tags, Tattoo or Microchip?

 "My cat has a collar and tag - why does he need a tattoo?"

I look to the animal shelters and SPCA filled with stray animals. Many of these animals had collars and tags....but they do not arrive with them. Collars can fall off, get hooked on a branch, break the clasp (or have it open with the newer quick release collars). Any of these can leave your pet without identification and on the receiving end of a quick trip to the SPCA. The first thing they do is look for tattoos or microchips - these are the most failsafe ways to ensure that your pet arrives back home to you.

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Why Purchase Pet Health Insurance?

The Case for Health Insurance for Pets

Our pets are members of our family. As pet owners, we are familiar with the change in family dynamics when our four legged family members become sick.  Too often as a veterinarian, my patients are unable to receive optimal treatment for their illness due to financial constraints - and too often this can be a question of their survival.

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