Spay and Neuter Services

Spay and Neuter Services for Cats and Dogs

First - let's get the complicated language straightened out. A spay procedure is for female pets and a neuter procedure is for male pets.

We recommend spay or neuter procedures for kittens and puppies after 6 months of age. For most pets, this is a wise choice that improves their overall health and wellness over the course of their lifetime. How does it improve their health?

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Ovariectomy for Kittens or Puppies

Why is an ovariectomy a good choice ?

The difference between a spaying and an ovariectomy is the similar in humans to having a tubal ligation (tubes tied) versus a complete hysterectomy. In a spay procedure, the two ovaries and the uterus are removed, while in an ovariectomy only the ovaries are removed.

For your pet, an ovariectomy means less surgery time, less trauma and decreased potential for complications. These two methods of sterilization are equally successful for pets. However, ovariectomies must be performed before your pet's first estrus cycle.

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