What Do Cats Want

"What cats need and what people think they need are often different."

You have a new pet and they are cuddly and cute and adorable! How do you make them comfortable and healthy in their new home? We've compiled this information from a combined experience of the vets here at Burnaby New Westminster Animal Hospital. Here are our thoughts on what cats and kittens want and need.

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Why Do Cats Scratch on Furniture?

Would you be surprised to learn that scratching is a normal feline behavior and cannot be prevented? In fact, even declawed cats will go through the motions! Rather than trying to eliminate the behaviour, cat owners and cats can be much happier by agreeing on acceptable objects for scratching. Enter the "Scratching Post." 

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How many litter boxes does a cat household need?

It comes down to considering how clean cats like to be. As they are fastidious by nature and prefer not to use already soiled litter boxes, you number of litter boxes you need equals the number of cats plus 1 . This means there is more than one litter box available. If you are away during the day...

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