Teaching Puppies Skills for Life

Teaching Puppy Behavior

Love comes with strings. One of the biggest strings is the need for you to be a leader for your puppy. Leadership gives your pup reassurance and guidance. This will naturally decrease the pup’s anxiety to most anything. Without leadership, it is a scary world, and as a result your pup will be anxious and likely socially unacceptable at times.
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Why Puppy Socialization Sets It Up for a Great Life

Why is Socialization Important?

Socialization is the process during which the puppy develops relationships with other living beings in its environment. 

The experiences that it has during the first four months of life will dramatically influence its adult personality. To prevent antisocial behaviour, fear and biting, it is very important for a puppy to have frequent positive experiences with everyone it meets during these early months.  

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Easy Steps To Crate Training Your Dog

You've made a big decision to crate train your puppy. Here's how to proceed.

Equipment and Location

You can use a metal collapsible crate with a tray floor as long as the crate is large enough for the dog to stand, turn and stretch out. In these cases some dogs feel more secure if a blanket is draped over the crate. A plastic traveling crate or a homemade crate also can be used. Playpens or barricades also may be successful as long as they are indestructible and escape proof!

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