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Maya's Story - How Sneezing and Bad Breath Can Signal Tooth Problems in your Pet

5 Reasons Why Anesthesia Free Dentistry is a Bad Idea

5 Reasons to Avoid Anesthesia Free Dentistry for your Pet

At Care Pet Wellness, we promote good mouth care for all pets because we know that it helps pets live longer, healthier and happier lives. We've been asked by many of our pet's people about apet dental logo squarenesthesia free dentistry . Here are the top 5 reasons to avoid anesthesia free dentistry for your pet.

5. No benefits to pet because teeth are only cleaned above the gumline, leaving behind plenty of 'uck' below the gumline. It's not teeth cleaning really - more like aggressive tooth brushing. 

4. Your pet will be restained in order to do the cleaning. That's distressing for your pet!

3. Peridontal evaluation not completed. Teeth and mouth are not evaluated for peridontal disease or decay that occurs below the gumline or between teeth. Imagine going to your dentist and they only clean what they see, never x-ray or use probes to see how your gums are doing.

2. An "eyes only" exam. Thorough mouth health exam is not conducted therefore only know what the eyes can see.

1. Bacteria LOVE rough surfaces. Teeth that have been scaled have lots of rough bits and need polishing to smooth them out. This means your pet comes out with teeth that are a better breeding ground for bacteria AND are really rough for plaque to stick.

The American Veterinary Dental is a source of dependable source of validated information on dental issues for pets. This is what they have to say about anesthesia free dentistry for pets.

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