Dermatology - Skin Problems and Allergies in Pets

The veterinarians of Care Pet Wellness Group are trained to diagnose and treat skins conditions and allergies in pets. As part of their ongoing education they attend workshops yearly to stay current on this emerging aspect of veterinary care.

Dr-lepitreDr Lepitre and Dr-June-MillikenDr Milliken are specifically interested in dermatology and are valuable resources for the other vets in our clinics for the tough to resolve skin care issues in pets. Between these two vets is a wealth of experience and knowledge in pet allergies and skin care. There isn't a pet skin care problem that they haven't been able to solve!

That's part of what makes Care Pet Wellness Group hospitals one of the best hospitals to visit when your pet has skin and allergy issues.

Book appointments for your pet at your nearest Care Pet Wellness location or choose to see Dr Lepitre or Dr Milliken at one of their clinics - Highlands Animal Hospital or West End Veterinary Clinics.

Before Your Visit with the Vet

Please print these forms a few days before your appointment with the veterinarian. They ask about your pets dietary intake and regular lifestyle. Completing these intake forms over a few days will provide the veterinarian with a full picture of your pet's life. This will greatly help to diagnose the source of your pet's skin problems.

Dermatology  - Dietary Intake Form

Dermatology - Lifestyle Assessment