Senior pets may have arthritis

Arthritis - Is It Affecting Your Senior Pet?

Arthritis and your Senior Pet

Did you know that  25-30% of all dogs suffer from arthritis or hip dysplasia?

Nearly 100% of dogs over the age of 10 have osteoarthritis! And 47% of large dogs are likely to develop osteoarthritis.

  • Many cats suffer from osteoarthritis too, and this can contribute to other problems such as constipation and accidents outside the litter box.
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Cancer - Diagnosis and Treatments

Treating Cancer in Pets

If we suspect that your pet has cancer, or you suspect that they have cancer it is likely that you are feeling scared. Please remember through this process that a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence nor does it mean pain and suffering for your pet. We are here to answer your questions and to help you understand the ways that we can help your pet. The first step in removing some of the fear is to find out what we are dealing with.

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Cancer - Treating with Chemotherapy

Considering Chemotherapy for Treating  Cancer

Cancer is a word that may frighten people, bringing to mind images of pain and dying, and eventually death. The word chemotherapy is almost as frightening, because of the stories about side effects that have been reported. However, we can thank medical advancements which have changed the way cancer is treated and chemotherapy is administered, providing better quality of life and longer quantity of life for most cancer patients. Many cancers are now curable and some cancers have been put in the category of chronic but treatable diseases along with kidney & heart disease. Chemotherapy has been refined with respect to the combinations of drugs used, their optimal dosages and timing. Side effects are well recognized and often preventable or treatable should they occur.

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