Minimally Invasive Surgery for Pets

Minimally Invasive Surgery for Pets

Minimally Invasive Surgery is a modern diagnostic option that can yield a great amount of information with very little trauma to your pet. This techniques, including endoscopy and laparoscopy, use highly specialized fiber optic or rigid instruments to allow the veterinarian to look inside your pet. The instruments may enter through an one of your pet's orifices - e.g. nose, mouth, or the veterinarain may need to make a small incision to allow the instruments access to the interior of your pet's body.

minimally invasive surgery endoscopy pet careOnce inside, the visuals are fantastic! The vet can inspect the site of interest close up and prepare a treatment plan based on the actual image, rather than having to interpret an x-ray or ultrasound image.

Endoscopy often uses normal body orifices such as the mouth, anus, nose or urethra to visualize the specific body regions. 

Laparoscopy uses rigid instruments to access cavities such as the chest or the abdomen. 

A second benefit of these instruments is that vets can also biopsy and treat specific diseases. Because the level of trauma is so low, pets recover faster and experience less pain. 

We encourage you to inquire about our capabilities and how this technology may assist in the health care of your pet.