Anxiety Aids

Pets may be anxious, whether because there is change in their lives, or because that is part of their personality. In addition to working with your pet to help reduce their anxious responses, we carry these products to help your pet reduce your pet's discomfort. Talk with your vet to see if these treatments might be a good fit to help your anxious pet.

For Cats

Feliway - Products that provide comfort and calm for your cats

  • Feliway Diffuser
  • Feliway Classic
  • Feliway Friends
  • Feliway Spray
  • Thundershirts

For Dogs

Adaptil - Products that provide calm and comfort for your dog

  • Adaptil Diffuser
  • Adaptil Classic
  • Adaptil Collar
  • Adaptil Spray

Thundershirts - Assorted Sizes