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Cold Laser Therapy for Pets Helps Speed Healing

Laser Therapy Helps Pets Heal

Cold laser also known as low-level laser therapy is a form of photo-therapy used to stimulate tissue repair and provide pain management. The laser uses focused red and infrared light to stimulate tissue at and below the surface of your pet's skin. dog receiving laser therapy

This non-invasive, massage-like therapy uses light wave technology to gently stimulate cells deep in the pet’s tissue.

Spay and neuter services

We provide spay and neuter services for cats and dog at all our hospital locations

We recommend spay or neuter procedures for kittens and puppies after 6 months of age. For most pets, this is a wise choice that improves their overall health and wellness. To help you understand our reasons for recommending spays and neuters, we put the chart below together. The chart looks at spaying and neutering from the perspective of the pet owner, the pet's quality of life and from the humane aspect of preventing the creation of unwanted pets. While it feels like a very emotional decision, there are many reasons why it is also a logical decision.

We also acknowledge that this is a personal decision and hope you will come talk to us with your questions. Together we will find the decision that works for you and your pet.

 Spay and neuter