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care-pet-wellness-dogsWhy Pet Insurance?

Our pets are members of our family. As pet owners, we are familiar with the change in family dynamics when our four legged family members become sick.  Too often as a veterinarian, my patients are unable to receive optimal treatment for their illness due to financial constraints - and too often this can be a question of their survival.
Pet insurance gives me peace of mind, knowing that if there is an emergency situation, I will be able to manage it financially. I suspect that many pet owners do not know that pet insurance covers routine wellness procedures such as dental treatments and wellness visits.  As a European, I have worked in a country where 30% of pet owners have insurance.  In North America, only 3% of owners have policies. I have first hand seen the benefits to pets and their families on having coverage.
As a veterinarian I advocate pet insurance and encourage owners to look into covering their pets.  However, when looking for a policy, there are questions that you should ask as a lot of them do not work in the same way as human health policy.  The following web site outlines some of the concerns pet owners should have:
At Care Pet Wellness Group, we are not directly associated with any insurance company or any insurance product.  Any member of our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this subject, or you can visit:


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