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Pet Health and Wellness News

How to socialize puppies

Socialization is the process during which the puppy develops relationships with other living beings in its environment. 

excellent puppy care vancouver new westminster burnaby

Why is Socialization Important?

The experiences that it has during the first four months of life will dramatically influence its adult personality. To prevent asocial behaviour, fear and biting, it is very important for a puppy to have frequent positive experiences with everyone it meets during these early months.  Be sure to avoid physical punishment and any interactions with people that make it anxious. Puppies who receive insufficient socialization to people, other animals and new environments during their first four months may develop irreversible fears, leading to timidity and aggression.

It is important, therefore, for every puppy to meet as many people as possible in a variety of situations. To facilitate introductions, encourage each person who meets the puppy to give it a biscuit. This will teach the puppy to look forward to meeting people and discourage handshyness, since the puppy will learn to associate new friends mad an outstretched hand with something positive. Once the puppy has learned to sit on command, have a new friend ask it to sit before giving the biscuit. This teaches a proper greeting

hot dogs

But not that kind of hot dogs. More like the ones to the left of us.

The long days of summer are a great time to have -- or be -- a pet. But this glorious season for outdoor activities is not without its hazards. Knowing what to look out for is half the battle. Think about your pet and keeps these tips in mind as you are out, about and on vacation.


Cats have enough sense to nap on warm afternoons, but dogs do not. If you let them, they'll go where you do, even if it's too hot. Dogs are not good at keeping themselves cool, and they rely on us to keep them out of trouble.

The fastest way to get your dog into trouble is to leave him in the car. Even a few minutes in a car on a warm day can kill a dog, so it's best never to take a chance.

Limit exercise to the coolest part of the day, no matter how happy your dog is to participate when it's warmer. Even in the cooler part of the day, watch for signs of trouble: Glassy eyes and frantic panting indicate a dog who needs help.

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